Thursday, April 7, 2011

Words to Replace Walk

Ways of walking
1. Creep: to move slowly, quietly and carefully because you do not want to be seen or heard.
e.g. He could hear someone creeping around downstairs.

2. Limp: to walk slowly or with difficulty because one leg is injured.
e.g. One player limped off the field with a twisted ankle.

3. Pace : to walk up and down in a small area many times, especially because you are feeling nervous or angry.
e.g. I found him in the corridor nervously pacing up and down.

4. Pad : to walk with quiet steps.
e.g. she padded across the room to the window.

5. Plod: to walk slowly with heavy steps, especially because you are tired.
e.g. they wearily plodded home through the rain.

6. Shuffle : to walk slowly without lifting your feet completely off the ground
e.g. the queue shuffled forward a little.

7. Stagger : to walk with weak unsteady steps, as if you are about to fall.
e.g. they staggered out of the pub, completely drunk.

8. Stomp : to walk, dance, or move with heavy steps.
e.g. She stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

9. Stroll :to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way.
e.g. families were strolling around park.

10. Tiptoe : to walk using the front parts of your feet only, so that other people cannot hear you
e.g. they tiptoed upstairs so they wouldn’t wake the baby.

11. Trudge : to walk slowly or with heavy steps, because you are tired or carrying something heavy.
e.g. he trudged up the hill.

12. Amble : to walk at a slow relaxed speed.
e.g. we ambled down to the beach.

13. Waddle:to walk with short steps, swinging from side to side, like a duck
e.g. A short plump man came waddling towards me.

14. Trod: walk heavily
e.g. He trod heavily and reluctantly up the stairs.

15. Pace : walk in regular steps
e.g. He paced the room up and down nervously.

16. Stride : walk quicly with long steps
e.g. He strode bravely up the school bully and confronted him.

17. Stomp : walk with intentionally heavy steps
e.g.He stomped up the stairs and slammed the door.

18. Tramp : walk a long distance , with heavy steps.
e.g. We tramped the streets of Muar, looking for a hotel to stay.

19. Trample: step on something or someone so as to cause damage or injury
e.g.He trampled my garden last night.

20. Stalk : walk in an angry and proud manner.
e.g. He stalked out of the room.

21. Clump: walk noisily with heavy slow steps
e.g. She clumped around the room.

22. Wandered : walked without aim or purpose
e.g. The beggar wandered aimlessly through the streets.

23. Ramble: walk for pleasure
e.g. I love to ramble through these streets.

24. Amble : walk slowly in a relaxed way
e.g.The fat boy ambled nonchalantly over to the door.

25. Saunter : walk slowly in a relaxed way
e.g. He sauntered along the stream.

26. Meander : Follow a route that was not straight
e.g. We spend the afternoon meandering around the streets of Muar.

27. Potter : to move in a relaxed and pleasant way
e.g. I spent the morning pottering around the house, doing nothing much.

28. Dawdle : Walks slowly, taking more time that needed
e.g. He will not reach school punctually if he dawdles.

29. Traipsing : Walking around, tiredly and unwillingly
e.g. My mother spent the night traipsing round the stalls.

30. Loiter: stand around aimlessly
e.g. We loitered about the small town.

31. Strut : walk in a proud way
e.g. The boys strutted around trying to get the attention of a group of pretty girls.

32. Swagger: walk with swinging movement, looking confident and important
e.g. They swaggered into the school.

33. Flounce : walk in an angry manner
e.g. He flounced out of the classroom

34. Mince : walk in an artificial way, with mall delicate steps
e.g. She minced across the room.

35. Prance : moving in an energetic way with more energy than necessary
e.g. She is prancing around the room like a five-year-old kid.

36. Sashay : walk in a stylish way in order to attract attention
e.g. She sashayed down the stairs and into the hall, looking like a glamorous model.

37. Goose-stepped : special, straight-legged way of marching
e.g. The soldiers goose-stepped through the town.

38. Scurry : move quickly with small steps
e.g. He scurried for shelter when the storm began.

39. Hobble: walk in an awkward way because of injury
e.g. She hobbled with a stick, having injured her ankle on a bicycle ride.

40. Shamble : walk slowly and awkwardly
e.g. My grandmother shambled along the corridors.

41. Lumber : walk slowly and awkwardly
e.g. The elephants lumbered through the forest.

42. Barge= Walk quickly, pushing things out of the way
e.g. He barged into the room.

43. Creep= Move quietly and slowly
e.g. The thief crept around the house, careful not to wake the inhabitants.

44. Paddle : walk with bare feet through shallow water.
e.g.We rolled up our trousers and paddled through the shallows.

45. Slink : walk away quietly without being seen
e.g. He tried to slink out of the classroom.

46. Reel : walk unsteadily
e.g. The drunkard reeled out of the room and across the road.

47. Wade : walk through with difficulty
e.g. I manged to wade through the mud.


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